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adj to become high on weed, dope, ganga, blow and other street names for the herb
man i was so need to get spliffed
by troyka August 29, 2003
Too point out that the price that someone is asking for an object on an internet "buy/sell/trade forum is unreasonably high.
So over the past few months there's been a new term, spliffed, arise on the buy/sell/trade forum here at *****. It refers to when someone wants to sell their computer and prices it far to high. Spliff comes buy and rips the post to shreds and explains what a more reasonable price should be. The seller can now be refered to as being "spliffed"
by Spliffy October 07, 2007
the feeling you get when you smoke a lot weed + tobacco joints
*smokes three spliffs*
"man i feel spliffed"
by splifmaster420 January 07, 2015
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