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the way of spelling girl, favourd by girls below the age of 14 or dyslexics.
hey gurls, wanna sleep over, i just painted my room pink
by troyka August 29, 2003
adj to become high on weed, dope, ganga, blow and other street names for the herb
man i was so need to get spliffed
by troyka August 29, 2003
a seriously cool individual who runs a youth club or group, or works on the street or in any setting, they help young people out with issues and problems, organise trips and events and do loads of cool stuff
by troyka August 29, 2003
a good looking woman with a dark brown voice, normally called lola
hi, my name is lola L. O. L. A. lola often found in us army camps
by troyka August 29, 2003
Dfer is not a thing but a name, or a shortend version
dfer d is for dog (d for dog)
by troyka August 29, 2003
a cat in manchester england
spliffed the cat is not to smoke a cat!
by troyka August 29, 2003

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