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A spliff or marijuana cigarette rolled with tobacco. Coined in Pullman, Washington at WSU on Rogers 2nd Floor. These are rolled specifically with a Zig-Zig hand roller and preferably Zags as paper but any rolling paper can suffice. In order to be a legitimate spleezy (or: splish splash, spleezer, splizz splazz, shpleezy, spliss splass etc) it must be smoked with a non white lighter, joint tipped, crutched adequately (with Orbit cardboard, Verizon cell phone package cardboard etc) and smoked with necessary appreciation.
Hey guys wanna go hit the spleezy before Philosophy?

Damn this was a fresh spleezy? Who rolled this?

Dude...the spleezy is running....lick it quick
by 2ndFloDro February 05, 2010
Qualifies easy to mean super easy.
Easy spleezy he said to Swany.
by Roondog September 04, 2007

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