A wet spermy fart, quite common amongst gay fellows after anal sex.
"Excuse me darling, I don't think I will be able to join you at lunch time, I've just spleened myself, so I need to go home and change my underpants".

Dean had a spleen in his pants so he was walking like John Wayne wearing cricket pads
by kramkrats April 13, 2011
Top Definition
The internal organ that is invariably complained about when someone is comedically getting the shit beat out of them.
"Oh God, my spleen! It hurts! It hurts!"

"My spleen has ruptured!"
by Morathor March 30, 2004
An internal organ of the human body on the left side.
It's job is to destroy old red blood cells.
My spleen is destroying all those old red blood cells, RIGHT NOW.
by elissanozit April 23, 2009
an internal organ most widely known for "cleaning shit and stuff".
"Every kitty needs their spleen."
by LovesSomeKitty April 30, 2009
1)When one has nothing to say except complain about something - the spleen.
2)When something hurts.
3)A word that can be used when referring to almost anythung. Like that of meh.
1)*groan* ooowwww.........my spleen!
2)My spleen hurts, well something hurts,...it must be my spleen.
3)person1: whats her name again?
person2: ah, spleen!
by G-UNIT March 15, 2005
A nickname for any video game from the Time Splitters sires.
Dude, we should go over to Rosie's house and play some Spleen.
by Minck February 19, 2009
Where something spleens over the ground, similar to the action of a water balloon hitting and bursting on a surface
You trip, you wurzle in the air, and you spleen all over the ground
by BenKenTheBest April 04, 2003
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