Top Definition
Sexy, hot, wanted, desired man
Like the guy you dream about!
by Bill Gates September 07, 2003
Sexy, hot, wanted, desired woman
I would like a Spiro to give me some good good tonight!
by SpearoNoonay February 24, 2015
Term of endearment for spironolactone. A medication used by male to female transsexuals and people with severe blood pressure problems.
That spiro is really working magic on Dina, she really looks like a woman now.
by JsyRaven March 05, 2009
A huge penis-sucking wannabe that loves dick in his asshole with a side of cum.
Oh, that kid is such a spiro.

Oh she's such a spiroette.
by hotness1234567890 June 24, 2011
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