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Squetchmoo- Simply means to mailbomb. Very handy word if you use "Squedidch" often because almoast nobody would notice the change. And then they dont need to find out the word.
Coversation in public
Dani: Hi wanna tease someone?
Sl: Yea lets, Squetchmoo that guy!

Guy: NOO! Someone have Squetchmooed me!
by Monkey_ass September 19, 2003
Squedidch - Describes somthing funny/amusing/lame/big/smal and so on. Its a word you can just pop out without no particular reason.
Girl: What do you think of my new shoes?
Guy: Squedidch!

Guy: ...
Gurl: ...
Guy: Squedidch!
by Monkey_ass September 19, 2003
game in norwegian
la oss spille et spill
( lets play a game )
by Monkey_ass September 26, 2003
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