When you are fucking a hoe and you pull out, cum in your hand and fling it in her face...(like web shooting.)
I was about to superman my hoe last night but I spider man dat hoe instead. Right in the eye.
by kristie quick & kelly taylor November 19, 2007
like the 'superman dat hoe' payback scheme, when a man is dissastisfied from not getting any sex from his partner, he'll ejaculate onto his hand and quickly throw it onto his partner's face in wrist-flicking motion.
DUDE! my bitch didn't gimme what i wanted, so i did spiderman dat hoe on her HAHA
by ronKwon February 21, 2008
a sexual act similar to superman dat hoe. When your woman wont get down with you, you wait until she is asleep and cum in her hand. Then, stick her hand someplace: her face, the pillow, the bedside table, etc. When she wakes up, she'll seem like spiderman!
she wouldn't put out, so i had to spiderman dat hoe last night. bitch woke up with the alarm clock stuck to her hand!
by Colin K November 01, 2007
when you ejaculate on a girl so much
she becomes stuck and can't get away.
i spiderman dat hoe to the wall see Bukkake
by FSK1138 September 29, 2007
when you are fucking a girl and you cum on her back and then knock her out. and then in the morning the cum is still on her back, resembling a spider web. ;]
josh fucked kari and he came on her back and then knocked her out and she woke up with a spidey web on her back. ;D and then josh told mack that he is going to spiderman dat hoe again.
by adkins September 15, 2007
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