A sexual position where a male wraps his legs around his other female/male partner and wraps his arms around the neck and proceeds to give anal. It is also optional for the male to latch on to the female's or maybe even the male's breasts with his hands.
Dude, did you hear of that new sex position called the spider? No, but it sounds erotic and fun!
by Nevinator August 02, 2006
Scary senscored bug with eight legs that eats it's own kind or anything that comes in it's path. Builds webs with it's juice inside. eats anythi
Dude that spider just ran across the kitchen floor so I killed it.

What I hate is a spider.

Dude that spider ate another spider that is disgusting.

Dude whenever I get near a spider I can feel how all their sensores are working at me, like they are touching all over me already and I freak out and kill it.
by europopian September 07, 2009
A spider, aka arachnid, is an eight-legged creature of doom. Humans eat eight of them a year in their sleep. Matt Bellamy has stated his wish that gravity on earth were less so that they would all die. Then again, he also said we were derived from them. Not the most reliable source.
"Chill out - oh shit, nevermind, let's haul ass."
by Rachel D. August 21, 2007
A one word response used soley for the username Syringer. See Syringered
Syringer: Our web company upgraded everyone's e-mail accounts and there's been nothing but problems...

Response: Spider
by The girl in the dorm downstairs August 19, 2004
A person who has no muscle or fat on their body. Basically just skin and bones.
At the gym today there was an absolute Spider.
by antispider February 05, 2010
Normally seen at the beach or during off season, spiders are female pubic hairs that poke out from the side of bikini bottoms/panties. See also Spider Hunting
Hey Bruce, check out the spiders on the one in the green!!
by Mugswumpy May 10, 2007
when one person sits on a toilet and another person sits on top of them in the opposite direction. the two people then proceed to do their business concurrently.
there was only one bathroom and kate and i both had to piss, so we decided to spider.
by rico h March 07, 2009
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