The muscles in your ass used in the process of taking a dump.
"Ross jumped over a barbed wire fence and tore his sphincter."
by Dave Butler May 31, 2006
ring of muscle on crevis
chip takes it up the sphincter
by botaf November 11, 2003
That's your butt hole.
Me: Do you have a sphincter?
Abraham Lincoln: Ye, verily.
by Nimic March 11, 2006
A ringlike muscle that normally maintains constriction of a body passage or orifice and that relaxes as required by normal physiological functioning.
I cant think of an examplefor the word sphincter.
by mastershake211 March 04, 2006
Circular muscle in the anus; can be developed in gay anal sex receivers to clamp down on the penis and give pleasure to the giver, often making them ejaculate, depending on the skill of the receiver.
Peter Goesinya always like to fuck Chuck because Chuck's sphincter muscle had been well trained and was always used at just the right time.
by Richard Black April 12, 2005
What people sometmes scream while attacking their friends from behind, shoving their fingers in their friends buttholes.
dude, i totally sphinctered eoin to kingdom-come
by The Numba One Solja October 29, 2006
A derogatory term derived from the film Wayne's World.
A:A sphincter says what?


A:Hahahahaha you are a sphincter!!!!
by Damien Hogg December 05, 2006
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