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music that makes you poo
i was listenin to some sphincter and i shit uncontrollably
by dylan girer August 27, 2007
muscle that pushes out your poo
awww my sphincter is killing me.
by dilmah from india November 25, 2003
That's your buttholepeeping turtle!
I'll have a pancreas, two sphincters, and a large coke.
by Baba Ganoush November 27, 2003
To borrow, take, or steal.
Eh let me sphincter a dollar son!
by aa-k November 13, 2007
a term used to describe the music era brought on by Nirvana.
That Green Day is a a sphincter band.
by Mark Hamilton April 01, 2005
one of a cult of homosexual Egyptians who worship the Sphinx
"He ain't no jehovah, he's a sphincter"
by Chip Assman April 28, 2003
a stupid person, or a stuck up individual
sphincter says wut?
by robert March 14, 2004