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The pulse-quickening act of exchanging detailed, graphic, sports-related statistics and observations via text at a feverish rate, similar to that of sexting. Often a form of male bonding, and a reflection of a torrid bromance.
1. My girlfriend caught me spexting with my guy Andy at dinner again last night, and boy was my face red. 2. I had to change my cell phone plan due to all the spexting this Bulls season.
by Big-Red November 05, 2010
Not to be confused with 'sexting'. Spexting is the act of exchanging favorite South Park quotes with a fellow friend who also enjoys the many antics in the show.
"We were spexting so much last night, I think we covered five seasons."
"My buddy Steve just sent me a spext, now I'm going to be laughing all day at work."
by rEVOLution. December 18, 2011
The act of sharing ones most romantic, intimate, and vulnerable inner most thoughts and/or feelings via the combined assimilation of spooning and texting when the physical means or attributes of spooning are not applicable nor available.

Similar to sexting
My boyfriend and I were spexting all morning about whether or not our future possible children would be ravishing UFC beasts or genius millionaire nerds who would take care of us when we retire.
by thehagness May 18, 2011
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