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The pulse-quickening act of exchanging detailed, graphic, sports-related statistics and observations via text at a feverish rate, similar to that of sexting. Often a form of male bonding, and a reflection of a torrid bromance.
1. My girlfriend caught me spexting with my guy Andy at dinner again last night, and boy was my face red. 2. I had to change my cell phone plan due to all the spexting this Bulls season.
by Big-Red November 05, 2010
1. A sports fan hipster. 2. Only roots for underdog teams and/or now defunct franchises, usually ironically. 3. Prefers radio to television broadcasts. 4. Keeps score by hand. 5. Wears vintage jerseys of lesser known players...you've probably never heard of them. 6. Refuses to acknowledge when teams relocate and only refers to them by their original city, such as the Charlotte Hornets. 7. Regularly references unnecessarily complicated stats.
Things a spipster might say: 1. "Hey beer man, have you any PBR?" 2. "Wrigley was so much better before they installed the lights."
by Big-Red November 27, 2012
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