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Wearside. Descriptive of a gimp; one who is something of a gonk.

Not a term I ever heard before I started working in Sunderland, but I was called it there on a daily basis.
Hawaire man Charlie y'fuckin spenk.
by Lord Grimcock August 20, 2007
A geek or nerd who concentrates his Nerdishness on one particular thing.

This can often be used as an insult informing that person that they are being a geek about something and to stop it.
Dan like fish, I wish he'd shut up about them hes a right fish spenk.

Jimmy stop rapping your rubbish you Spenk!
by David Gowans June 05, 2005
The last dribbles of ejaculate when one has come to the end of one's best performance.

The lowly offerings generated by a pair of wanked flat bollocks usually following a marathon session.

From spent spunk.
"I was trying to claw my way to the door while she was pulling me back into the room. She'd milked me clems 4 times already, all I had left was me spenk!"
by Psyclist October 06, 2013
when u splooge in youre eye.
i was jerkin about carmen electra and nothin came out so i took a closer look and got spenked
by J-pimp July 31, 2005
First poo of the day is a spenk
Hhm, I've just had a spenk and it's only 7am
by Fishstick September 19, 2003
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