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Exploration of bodily orifices.
James Spelunked Kenny.
Kenny likes being Spelunked by James.
by Birch September 28, 2004
other forms: spelunking, spelunked, spelunks(v), spelunker (n)

1. v.;the exploration of natural caves
2. v.;the exploration of a man's anus by either: A. himself, B. a female sex partner., or C. male sex partner.
1. Bat researchers usually spelunk many caves to find their information.

2. while watching porn: "Eww, did you see her slip her finger into his butt? She's totally into spelunking."
by angel December 22, 2004
1. Using your penis to explore a woman's vagina, or "cave."
2. To ejaculate.
1. "Did you spelunk Callie's cave last night?"
2. "Yessir. Spelunked on her chest, on her face, a little on me...I showed her my dripping stalactite alright."
by tripleovertime99 December 01, 2009
(By analogy to exploring caves/other dark places)
To engage in casual internet stalking, usually out of curiousity rather than for any sinister purpose.
After a bit of spelunking on message boards, I found out that girl I was flirting with on MSN was actually a 40 year old guy from Indianapolis!
by Cayenne August 01, 2005
To take a dump - the sound of your poo splashing into the toilet water.
Ohh I ate too many tacos. I have to go spelunk.
by Joe Shmoe Dudeton July 25, 2008
the act of getting farted on while giving someone anal...doesnt apply to homos
sick u just spelunked!!
by Jesus12 March 28, 2008
1)The act of fucking one in one of many positions 2)Hitting someone 3)Word to replaced many words.
"Dude, last night I spelunked Mac in the butt."
by A.R. McCumindabutt September 09, 2003