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When a girl sneezes and squirts a bit of pee by accident. This affliction gets more common with age and/or after childbirth.
Maria: "Ah, ah, choo! Oh crap!"
John: "What's the matter?"
Maria: "I just speezed. Now I have to change my panties."
by KuriousOranj November 15, 2006
An utterly disgusting creature. Greasy. Infectiously addicted to being lazy. No motivation to wipe ass. WOW, What a fucking joke.
Quit being such a speeze. Wake the fuck up its 5pm!
by Oak tree November 13, 2013
speeze is a slang word used for my space.
Go check out my profile on the speeze!
by Stefanie1214 November 12, 2007
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