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When a girl sneezes and squirts a bit of pee by accident. This affliction gets more common with age and/or after childbirth.
Maria: "Ah, ah, choo! Oh crap!"
John: "What's the matter?"
Maria: "I just speezed. Now I have to change my panties."
by KuriousOranj November 15, 2006
Predominantly female, this is someone who is constantly keeping an eye out for the next thing to pick at on their body, i.e, a scab, infected hair, or perfectly normal skin pore. This person shares symptoms related to both (ADD) Attention Deficit Disorder and (OCD) Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Rebecca is such a scabenger. Everytime I see her she is squeezing a boil on her leg.
by KuriousOranj November 15, 2006
Primarily related to protected sex and a desire to not spend the night. Supergoo refers to the adhesive bond your dick will make with your boxers after removal of the condom. This is because you wanted to get away so fast you didn't care to wipe off your dingus on one of her favorite towels before getting dressed and making a run for it.
Dude, I accidently supergoo'd my shorts trying to get out of that skank's house the other night.
by KuriousOranj November 15, 2006
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