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A nutsack with an extreme amount of dangle in its angle. Usually used to describe such during periods of warm weather when someone decides to go commando.
If i accidentally sit on my speedbag, it makes me throw up in my mouth a little.
by PeterGammonsLuvChild May 09, 2005
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To slap one's testicles across another individual's face (esp. forehead). Similar to tea bagging, however in this case the sack is not rested on the deponent, but rather used as an instrument of assault.
Speed bagging is often done to humiliate and/or shame the person upon which it is inflicted. It is also valuable for its humorous quality.
This activity is solely engaged in between males, and would be frowned upon as vulgar and inappropriate if executed upon a female. As with tea-bagging, this act is never considered homoerotic, although the deponent might be derided as a "fag" anyway.
The next time you black out I'm gonna fuckin speed bag your faggot ass, you fuckin light-weight.
by Dixon St. Grottlesex July 09, 2006
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A womans breasts
(To be honest, we're not entirely sure how this came about)
She had awesome speed bags.
Look at the speed bags on that.
by Johal October 19, 2008
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To repeatedly hit the forehead of the woman who is sucking on your balls as you masturbate, akin to hitting a speedbag with one hand.
I was speedbaggin' Becky and jizzed in her hair.
by Jizzones October 15, 2006
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To rapidly bash one's testicles against a girl's vagina or ass when you're fucking her quickly.
I speedbagged my girlfriend so hard last night I bruised her ass.
by Ljo93 July 14, 2008
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A clitoris that has excessive sag often resembling a boxing speed bag.
I finally pulled off Mary's panties only to discover she has a gigantic speed bag. I proceeded to get my boxing workout done while simultaneously pleasuring her.
by Jack Dawson November 21, 2007
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Last night I tried to Abraham Lincoln my girlfriend and she speedbagged me!
by DirtyNitro February 14, 2015
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