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Said to males during feeding time when devouring any fallic-shaped food item (typically of the hoagie or sausage family)to remind them to not look so gay.
Paul: This Kielbasa is delicious! Yummy!
Me: Yo' bitch! Eat it from the side!
by PeterGammonsLuvChild June 07, 2005
A nutsack with an extreme amount of dangle in its angle. Usually used to describe such during periods of warm weather when someone decides to go commando.
If i accidentally sit on my speedbag, it makes me throw up in my mouth a little.
by PeterGammonsLuvChild May 09, 2005
In a game of east coast darts the act of throwing one dart in each of the three different scoring regions. (East Coast Definition)
In the 8th inning Pizzy threw up the 2-1-3.
by PeterGammonsLuvChild June 22, 2005
Not only is she a butterface but she's also got a flabby body, a shitty personality, and a really, REALLY bad case of b.o.. i.e.- the other three sticks of butter in the box.
Brad: Yo did you see LaShonda at the movies last night?
Keith: See her? I could smell her first! Man, she is definitely all four sticks!
by PeterGammonsLuvChild May 26, 2005
1. To be so pissed off and stressed about something as to force a strain or tear of the grundle.

2. To hit someone with such force (see: dial-tone)as to seperate the grundle from the rest or the sphinctal area.
1. When I found a wad of sticky singles in my girlfriend's panties it left me severely dis-grundled.

2. When Yackl outdraws me after going all-in with a Jack-Two offsuit it makes me want to dis-grundle him.
by PeterGammonsLuvChild June 07, 2005

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