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An arbitrarily set 'maximum legal speed of travel' that is almost always disobeyed, except in horrible conditions. However, even then, you'll find some still ignoring it. Nonetheless, only the latter in dangerous, and speed limits serve little purpose aside from bringing in revenue. Used also as an excuse for stupid drivers to be able to stay on the road as long as they 'obey the law'. Remember, speed doesn't kill people, people kill people. Aggressive drivers tend to speed a lot but not all speeders are aggressive. The autobahn in Germany has a lesser accident rate than almost every US highway and this includes many out of country drivers (Austria mostly) that are far more dangerous. Out in the midwest, people are usually more laid back, so they drive closer to the limit (though usually slightly above still).

In the east and west, people are usually going 10-15 above (sometimes more in areas with even lower limits). This is great for city and state coffers because people who are only going 5-10 above the usual traffic speed (often to pass) are ticketed for 20, sometimes 25 over the limit. It's also a very easy way to profile certain groups because everyone is already speeding anyway. Realistic limits, or better yet, no speed limits might cause a few idiots to run off the road, but most slow drivers AND fast drivers go the speed they do because they are not comfortable with any faster. Keep right unless you are passing or have nowhere else to drive.

So, next time you get pulled over, remember that you're just being taxed further. Unless of course, you were weaving through traffic like an asshole and really deserved it. However, most people ticketed are just average Joes attempting to get from point A to point B. There's little evidence that speed limits actually increase 'safety'. The assholes who cut people off and fail to use turn signals are the real danger, not speeders.

Also, 'enforcing' these limits is a waste of time, waste of our money, and a danger to police officers who sit on the median and the drivers who panic when they see them.
I went the speed limit because it was pouring rain.

50 mph? What the fuck? Should be more like 75 mph, AT LEAST.

by Shadow Creator January 01, 2008
A little white sign that scares the living daylights out of most drivers, causing them to clog up the fast lane and make me late for work.
"I'm trying to pass these slow drivers so I can get to work on time, but this guy is going the Speed Limit in the fast lane. Get over on the right you cornhole!"
by likeasumBOdee June 05, 2012
a thing not existing on most german autobahns (highways)
"wanna see my new porsche doin' 280 km/h?"
"i'd shit my pants for it! what about the speed limit?"
"ever seen a porsche with speed limit? fool..."
by bitcholai.deluxe October 04, 2005

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