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v. To hide any objects that you would rather your girlfriend not see. These objects usually include porn, childish things (dolls, small toys, etc), and Pokemon memoribilia. You can girlfriend-proof your car, room, house, and really just about anything. Similar to parent-proof
Mitch: Hey man want to play me in a Yu-Gi-Oh match?
Mike: Sorry dude I just got done girlfriend-proofing my room. All my cards are in a shoebox under my bed.
Mitch: Oh alright. Hey, did you remeber to take down your Justin Timberlake poster?
Mike: Oh shoot. Thanks for reminding me. I'll get home and take care of that right away.
by WastingDaylight May 09, 2010
The speed at which a cop won't pull you over in Michigan. Usually 5-10mph over the posted speed limit on main roads and 15-20mph over the posted speed limit on highways. If you don't maintain this speed you will have a line of cars behind you, each within three feet of the car in front of them. If you feel like driving under the posted speed limit and the weather conditions are anywhere near decent, then you better just pull over and let people pass you.
Mike: Hey dude, you're going way too fast, slow it down.
Nick: Naw it's alright, the Michigan speed limit on this road is 65.
Mike: Yeah I know, but you're doin' 90.
Nick: Oh. Yeah I should probably back off.
by WastingDaylight August 04, 2010
A male's inherent ability to compliment his girlfriend on a moment's notice, almost as if there was no thought necessary. This most likely occurs because the male will be 'rewarded' for his actions later.
See: sucking up
Emily: Wow, look at those flowers, they're so beautiful.
Jacob: (immediately) Not as beautiful as you baby.
Emily: Aww, you're so sweet, how'd you think of that so fast?
Jacob: It's my boyfriend reflex. Let's go back to my place.
Emily: Ok sounds good!
by WastingDaylight July 01, 2010

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