a movie about a bus that will blow up if it goes below 50mph; a type of drug that i wanna try
man i took that speed last night, shit fucked me up
by Khronic March 12, 2006
how fast one's internet connection allows them to download or upload content to or from the internet often messured in Mbps and Kbps.
Right now my internet connection speed for downloading is appoximately 4Mbps or 4291Kbps. My uploading speed is approximately 280Kbps, unfortunately.
by runandwin February 03, 2005
I've used Speed on a few occasions for weight loss, not for the high the high totally sucked for me, it made me super paranoid and anxious to the point where I didn't even talk to anyone around me cause I thought I might say something stupid, and have em talk about me.

So basically it didn't amp me up it just curbed my appetite and gave the worst come-downs I've ever experienced in my life. Plus it made my jaw move/look all funny without me even knowing it.
Maybe I can't handle it or maybe it's just a lame drug.
by kissmydick May 03, 2005
Sorry Police Everyones Dead. (Its an acronym). Its a cult of psychopaths in the Amherst area of New York. They enjoy reaking havoc on locals, and graffieting everything in sight.
Guy 1: Dude, my liscene plate is gone!
Guy 2: Mustve been that SPEeD
by SPEeD November 28, 2003
Also known on the "street" as meth, cocaine, or sometimes heroin. But can also be Adderall, Or Dex, or similar drugs prescribed for ADHD.

Adderall and Dex and similar drugs are the basic chemicals for Meth and Cocaine, just at a really low dosage. It's referred to as "speed" because you become 200% better at everything, and faster.
friend 1: "Hey did you finish that huge English assignment?"
(you): "Yeah man I took speed to stay up. Not hard though, Adderall."
meth Adderall addies drugs study drug cocaine school
by midnightrise May 03, 2016
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