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The best island in the British Virgin Islands. The most romantic place to go and the best white beaches to screw on. Excelent place to get drunk and the best parties and bars to get drunk at... Also the best rastafarri bakeries around mon!
Im goin to Sunset Beach Bar to get drunk mon. then im gonna go screw on the white sand beach next to the bar.
by SBB May 10, 2005
an amazing drug used for extremely good sexual arousment. when having sex on E you get an amazing non-beatable feeling rush through your body. E is amazing but speed is even better for sex. (look up "speed" for more info)
"Dude i had sex with some chick last night and i was on E and it was AMAZING man!"
by SBB May 10, 2005
Another amazing drug to be on while having sex. Much better then being on extasy but has about the same effects. Sex is amazing, but having sex while your on speed is even more AMAZING!!!
"Dude i had sex with this chick last night and she was on speed and it was like a damn machine man... brurururur..."
by SBB May 10, 2005

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