1. /noun????/ The pace at which an object moves.
2. /adverb/ To conclude that an object is moving fast or often somewhat rapidly. (hence the term 'speeding' meaning to break the 'Speed Limit')
3. /noun/ An Amphetamine in tablet form used most commonly for drug abusers to give off a sensation of energeticnessy ... thing.
1. "My car's speed will be extremely fast when put those fuckin' Turbos on!"
2. "Fuckin' hell, John, your car is moving SPEED with those Turbos on!!"
3. "Look mate, you wanna buy some speed? Goin' cheap, I got too much on my hands."
by Dr. Oxford May 16, 2003
Common name for Amphetamine.
Made with pseudoephedrine and many household items such as draincleaner, lots of manufacturer's have been killed when their 'speed lab' blows up.
"Let's snort some speed."
by Diego August 25, 2003
distance / time

The amount of distance you travel over how long it takes, (how fast you travel)
My speed increases when im reaching orgasm.
by Bubba_The_Retard November 04, 2006
(n) a way of life categorized by living the european/canadian taxation lifestyle, and distributing wealth so the Pedros and Jeromes can benefit from tax paying/working American dreamers.
If it wasn't for the need for speed, I would have never bought all these xbox 360 games and MJ cd's!
by Non ABQ dem August 16, 2010
At your level or in your interest
He is definitely my speed. I wanna get with him.

He is not my speed or type. I like dark-skinned guys more.
by Juana4ev November 06, 2005
a movie about a bus that will blow up if it goes below 50mph; a type of drug that i wanna try
man i took that speed last night, shit fucked me up
by Khronic March 12, 2006
how fast one's internet connection allows them to download or upload content to or from the internet often messured in Mbps and Kbps.
Right now my internet connection speed for downloading is appoximately 4Mbps or 4291Kbps. My uploading speed is approximately 280Kbps, unfortunately.
by runandwin February 03, 2005

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