Speed is the magnitude part of a vector, it is a scalar quantity.
The bus going 50 mph due east, was traveling at 50 mph.
by MadPhysicsMan March 21, 2004
abbreviation for special needs


(never use near anyone of the speeds variety)
ELI:zack did u see that guy?
ZACK:ya he def had speeds or something, what a tard!
by Grego Berger February 15, 2009
A colloquialism used to refer to a friend
thanks speed
by speed22 June 20, 2011
Its a really hard drug
Ive taken speed in a needle for 17 years,im 47,sometimes full on for months,your life will turn to shit,sometimes once a month,thats more fun,its awesome for a big hit,some porn and great sex with your lady for 12 to 24 hrs ,its a great way to have sometime out from life.With speed you need to have an outlet for the intensity and we find sex is the best.You pay a huge price for the fun,as the next few days + suck,Hey if your going to play look after your body,make up for the shit you put in it,if it suits you play, if it doesnt dont,its addiction creeps on you,if you cant exercise some control with it,leave it alone,enjoy
by mark1 December 06, 2006
Another amazing drug to be on while having sex. Much better then being on extasy but has about the same effects. Sex is amazing, but having sex while your on speed is even more AMAZING!!!
"Dude i had sex with this chick last night and she was on speed and it was like a damn machine man... brurururur..."
by SBB May 10, 2005
1. /noun????/ The pace at which an object moves.
2. /adverb/ To conclude that an object is moving fast or often somewhat rapidly. (hence the term 'speeding' meaning to break the 'Speed Limit')
3. /noun/ An Amphetamine in tablet form used most commonly for drug abusers to give off a sensation of energeticnessy ... thing.
1. "My car's speed will be extremely fast when put those fuckin' Turbos on!"
2. "Fuckin' hell, John, your car is moving SPEED with those Turbos on!!"
3. "Look mate, you wanna buy some speed? Goin' cheap, I got too much on my hands."
by Dr. Oxford May 16, 2003
(n) a way of life categorized by living the european/canadian taxation lifestyle, and distributing wealth so the Pedros and Jeromes can benefit from tax paying/working American dreamers.
If it wasn't for the need for speed, I would have never bought all these xbox 360 games and MJ cd's!
by Non ABQ dem August 16, 2010

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