People need to get this strait.

Speed is a slang word for powerful stimulant drugs. Speed has a broad meaning, it describes almost all powerful stimulants, whether street drugs or perscription drugs, except for cocaine. The most common use of the word Speed is when describing Methamphetamine or street Amphetamines, But can also slang for any of the following street drugs (parenthesis are slang):
-Methamphetamine (Meth, Crystal, Crank)
-Street Amphetamines

-MDMA (Ecstasy)

Speed also is used to describe any of the following Prescription ADHD medications, usually referred to as speed when using the medication to get high. (parenthesis are brand names)
-Dextroamphetamine (Aderall, Vyvanese, Dexedrine)
-Methylphenidate or Ritalin (Ritalin, Concerta)

Some of speed's effects: increased energy, nervousness, shaking or trembling, dilated pupils, Euphoria, anxiety, stress, increase in focus, racing thoughts, increased sex drive, insomnia, restlessness, body aches, dry mouth, complete loss of appetite, grinding teeth, twitching of the eyes or "tweaking" etc.

Speed is powerful, and isn’t for everyone. The comedown isn’t fun, but is often exaggerated on the internet. Just drink water and sleep, and quit being a pussy.
Dude, me and joey got so high on speed last weekend we haven't slept in over 3 days!

Speed is a slang term describing almost all powerful stimulants

I fucked my wife last night while we were both up on speed, i lasted for 3 hours, it makes your sex drive unbeleivable!

Me: Dude, i gotta study for my english final tomorrow night and im so tired. Can i get some of your speed?
Roomate: Yeah my aderall is on the top shelf.
by speedfreak44441111 October 27, 2011
What I feel the need for.
I feel the need, the need for speed.
by The One Who Smiles Due To... December 29, 2015
Speed is the magnitude part of a vector, it is a scalar quantity.
The bus going 50 mph due east, was traveling at 50 mph.
by MadPhysicsMan March 21, 2004
Speed is a generic slang for the wide variety of stimulant drugs. Mostly methamphetamine.

It can also be used to refer to an extremely strong cup of espresso or coffee or a can of energy drink
Man A: i had such a hard time waking up tofay I had to drink a can of speed to get going
Man B: too bad you don't have it in pills
by Srapples December 13, 2014
Its a really hard drug
Ive taken speed in a needle for 17 years,im 47,sometimes full on for months,your life will turn to shit,sometimes once a month,thats more fun,its awesome for a big hit,some porn and great sex with your lady for 12 to 24 hrs ,its a great way to have sometime out from life.With speed you need to have an outlet for the intensity and we find sex is the best.You pay a huge price for the fun,as the next few days + suck,Hey if your going to play look after your body,make up for the shit you put in it,if it suits you play, if it doesnt dont,its addiction creeps on you,if you cant exercise some control with it,leave it alone,enjoy
by mark1 December 06, 2006
abbreviation for special needs


(never use near anyone of the speeds variety)
ELI:zack did u see that guy?
ZACK:ya he def had speeds or something, what a tard!
by Grego Berger February 15, 2009
Another amazing drug to be on while having sex. Much better then being on extasy but has about the same effects. Sex is amazing, but having sex while your on speed is even more AMAZING!!!
"Dude i had sex with this chick last night and she was on speed and it was like a damn machine man... brurururur..."
by SBB May 10, 2005
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