1)Ketamine; usually snorted, if consumed in small amount makes you feel drunk and happy,if taken in a big amount puts you in a k-hole
i was doing bumps of k all night last night... everything felt mad weird
by sfmar May 01, 2005
Slang for when Ketamine is mixed with Cocaine.
Are you in the mood for some K, or some Special K?
by IknowMoreThanYou December 21, 2012
Nicknames for really cool people, that are a little messed up in the head sometimes, with the letter K beginning their name. Although the person with the nickname "Special K" is cool (and probably okay at xbox), the person who nicknamed the person "Special K" is the cool sauce ultimate. Another nickname for a person already nicknamed "Special K" is runt and caramel.
Hey Special K!
Special K: Can I borrow 37 cents for a refreshEEE?
by Ragoon12345 November 10, 2010
The cereal that is also an MC
Yo dawg, I got the new Special K!

What, the girly cereal for fat white prudes?

Naw dawg, the hot new album!
by TreeWeezel April 22, 2011
a wicked good cereal. sometimes with red berries.
what are you having for breakfast?
oh just a box of special k
by lizcarr November 13, 2005
2- (2-Chlorophenyl1) -(methylamino)- cyclohexanone hydrochloride M.W. - 274.2 C13H16CINO - HCL LD50 (IPR-MUS): 400 mg/kg, LD50 (IVN-MUS)

Special K is a dissasociative drug, it alters your thoughts by messing with the neurotransmitters.

It comes in a little bottle, liquid form. Used by vets, mainly on cats.
You can cook it in the oven.

It fucks with your brain.

Also, its a great placebo song.
"you come on just like special k"
by Throwaway Style December 31, 2005
Prescription anesthesia drug: Ketamine. Used as a street drug
"She's still all out of it, must've been then Special K."

"Put him out, give him some Special K."
by audr August 20, 2006

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