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Italian for light and dark dramatic use of contrasts of light and shade.
That painting has great use of chiaroscuro.
by Artistic_person July 22, 2005
Special K is slang for Ketamine. A Drug that can be found at most vet's. Ketamine is used to knock out horse. When used on humnas the body has no control and no feeling. You can find more about Special K by listening to PLACEBO. Special K is also a song on the album Black Market Music.
1. Hey little girl? Do you want a bowl of Special K?
2. Track 3 on the album Black Market Music by PLACEBO
by Artistic_person July 23, 2005
Some shit city in Angola just above Benguela. I would think that Lobito would probably be a really crappy town.
Man: So son where don't you want to go to for the holidays?
Son: Lobito
by Artistic_person July 22, 2005
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