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(UK) A Special Constable is a voluntary Police Officer who is attested in front of a Magistrate and so has full police powers. Special Constables give up their own free time in order to help the policing effort in their local area and "Specials" are much valued members of almost every Police Force in the United Kingdom.
Special Constables are fully empowered Police Officers.
by Kev Lockhart November 29, 2004
A voluntary unpaid police officer with all the same powers as a regular police constable.
Michael - a special constable
by Michael November 29, 2004
A Special Constable is a volunteer member of the public who when on duty wears a police uniform and has full police powers of arrest, etc. In 2003 there were approximately 11,000 "Specials" serving with police forces in England and Wales.
Three police officers were deployed to the incident; two regular officers and one Special Constable.
by November 29, 2004
A citizen empowered by the law to keep the Queen's peace.

To protect and serve those who are in need and to bring to justice those scrotes and undesirables who think its big and hard to break the law.
Scrote assaults an old age pensioner in order to steal the contents of her purse. A grand total of £12.46.

The pensioner is admitted to hospital with serious head injuries as the scrote used a lump of wood to beat her about the head. She later dies of her injuries and it is now a murder inquiry. These sickening thugs will get brought to justice. But what is left for the frail old lady who is now dead, and what do her family go through?

Scrotes need to be caught - and will be caught. They will be caught by Police officers - some of them Special Constables!!!!
by Paul November 29, 2004
(UK) Like a Policeman, but retarded, Hence the designation of 'special'
1: Dude, check out the downer in uniform

Woah, its a Special Constable
by UberPcso July 28, 2011
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