Its when you go completely bonkers, if you're mental, or when you have a mental disease. Other times you could be complete retarded
Jonas is crazy that he is going spazz out because he is mental.
by the definer 61 November 01, 2011
Top Definition
a) To make a sudden and unplanned movement, a twitch, usually caused by being so stoned u just flinch for no reason and the person sat next to u thinks ur weird.
b) When you have consumed too many drugs/too much alcohol and u blackout on the floor and twitch when you are unconcious. (an epileptic fit is also known as a spazz out)
a) Whoa my leg just spazzed out, Im so stoned.
b) I dont think I should hav...smack, dribble, twitch twitch twitch
by The Daddy March 13, 2003
A slang term from the Great State of Texas meaning a physical or verbal burst of energy with negative or positive intentions.

Most Pimps and Players understand the need to spazz out on these hoes.
Bitch, go and get that money before I spazz out.
by April 09, 2011
Spazzout: When a Living thing (Usually cats) take off at ultra speeds and usually hit the wall from not having enough friction to stop thier hasting speed across a room.

A spazzout usually occurs after a Feline usually younger aged hears a noise that can vary in Decibels that is just enough to cause them to release huge sums of energy.

Spazzing is the result of having large amounts of energy that are released for no apparent reason off a trigger or condition such as a footstep or a drip of water causing the cat to release the excess energy until the cat needs a nap.

When a cat is in high octane, the energy is at high levels and they are usually very playful or spontaneous at random ambushing your feet behind a couch.
A man walks into a room, and all the sudden makes the floor squeak, this slight noise causes a nearby cat or kitten to bolt across the room and hit the wall, then turn around and pounce the floor with front legs.

Once they spazzout enough, they usually calm down and take a nap from the huge energy release.

The mental cause behind a spazzout from a cat is unknown, but theories suggest that is is a simple freakout a cat experiences from unexpected events or anomalies.
by Anti-bser-missile August 04, 2008
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