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a offensive way of calling someone who has bad disablities and a really bad posture or a person who is looking like a idiot
''hey look at this spaztic trying to be a good poser!''
by sweet jesus February 21, 2006
the full word from spaz
fully retarded and acts like a prick and and a offensive way to call someone who has very serious disorders with their body....
''hey look at this spaztic trying to do a sick pose!''
by sweet jesus February 26, 2006
A person that spazzes alot. possibly flips out too!
When i get an answer wrong, the teacher goes spaztic.
by Nick-09 March 01, 2006
ME........if u dont noe who i am then screw u
OMG look at that spaztic kid!
by spaz January 25, 2004