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After spending a good amount of time in a public bathroom smoking crack, you are transformed into a 'JunkHero'. You no longer are subdued to the lower class 'normal' citizen, you have a power that is freakishly uncontrolable by any human being. Consumed by pure EVIL and the hunger for more crack weighing in at about 115lb., Captain Ross the veitnam vet that could easily bench press a tart cart with his 'Bear Claw' of a hand, down the block pushin easily 278lbs. pure CockD will get his shit pushed in and piss running down his leg because u have Spaznastics.
Fuck that I dont give a shit if he had A year in MMA or not. He gets paid so I'm gonna throw SPAZNASTICS on him and get paid.
by Damien "Cruz" Spicoli July 25, 2010
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