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being annaly raped, having the walls of one's rectum shifted or expanded.

symbol; ( 0 )
connie's daughter is going to get her shit puuuuuushed in, by me ( o )
by Arnold February 24, 2004
to have been raped in prison
In the pen, that boy had his shit pushed in daily.
by George Gowan March 23, 2005
Having anal sex
I fucked her so hard she got her shit pushed in
by Maxleetis-crovi April 16, 2003
getting powned really badly
getting beat by getting your shit pushed in
by unlucky114 September 23, 2011
To be defeated in an adversarial situation in decisive, humiliating, or extraordinary fashion.
The Nets just lost the basketball game by 50 points, they just got their shit pushed in!
by JJ Stoges June 28, 2011
getting yo ass kicked
He got jumped yesterday and he got his shit pushed in!
by MAGIC STICK MOFO December 27, 2009
a stock position which is against you.
I bought some ZRAN at $25 and before I looked up it was down two bucks. Wow did I ever get my shit pushed in!
by Jeff Gillooley August 11, 2003