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A spoilded kid who thinks the world owes him something. Their needs always come before everyone elses. Usually angry at the world. From the movie "Caddyshack". Spaulds usually go through long periods of time akin to the female menstrual cycle whereby some months they will be outgoing and friendly and other months at a time can be angry during which some of the Spaulds peers refer to him as "Angry Guy" One can easily reconize a spauld by quick retraction like movements of the head while simultaneosly looking up at the ceiling and rubbing the chest with one hand due to medical condition involving the gastrointerstinal system. Synonyms: Spaulding, the Spald, splud, spald child, Brother Spaulding.
THe guy who brings doiwn the whole party is a spauld
by Staxxx May 15, 2007
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