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A word used in crosswordese, coined by blogger Rex Parker, meaning two crossing words/clues that very very few people would know. As an example, one clue would be "A town in the eighth mile of the Bostom marathon" Answer-Natick
I'm calling Natick on 12 down, 22 across.
by MnPuzzler September 11, 2008
A Mall. All there is there is a Mall.
Who has heard of anything in Natick but the mall? They took our twinky factory away, now we have a Mall.
by Mike April 14, 2005
An upper middle class town in suburban Boston. Football star Doug Flutie is from Natick. Downtown natick is the worst part of the town, while North, West, and East Natick are middle/upper middle class. Houses in south natick go for on avarage 2 million dollars. South natick is surrounded by wellesly and dover. (super rich towns)
"Natick is the shit"
by Tom Granburg March 04, 2008
The home of the redmen and Peter Mundy, the voice of the natick football redmen.
"This is Peter Mundy the voice of the natick high football redmen.....Quarterback keeper by Bill Flutie up the middle for 3 yards"
by Lick my G April 16, 2005
A lower/middle class town right outside of Boston. Parts of it are rich(South Natick) and parts of it are ghetto(West Natick, Natick Center). All Natick is known for is its mall.
Once Natick was in a Family Guy episode "Da Boom"
by King Of Boston December 21, 2015
all Natick has is a mall
and a couple military bases
grrrr natick sucks
but yeah one goo dthing i suppose natick mall is expqanding should be done in the next year ou should come and see gonna be the biggest mall in MA at least
if u go too close to natick labs theyll shoot you lol
many armed guards
natick mall is gonna have condos now
we have the natick army labs
and a some what abandoned national guard base
and in framingham we have a prison
and another national guard base
by Empty Town November 02, 2006
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