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To remove by means of scraping.
"He jumped from so high up, we had to spatulate his brains off the tops of his shoes"
by September 17, 2008

To slap somone with a spatula
Thats it, I'm going to spatulate you!
by Jasper June 08, 2004
v. to bludgeon some with a spatula
If you keep bothering me while I'm cooking, I will spatulate you.
by mellowyello June 11, 2003
The act of striking someone or something with a spatula, usually to punish a stupid act.
Bob dropped all of the delicious cookies as he was taking them out of the oven. Mike spatulated Bob because of the waste of perfectly good cookies.
by Ottoman540 October 03, 2010
To be beaten Severely by a beaver tail....this originates from the similarity between a beaver tail and a spatula...and must be used at every opportunity
"Your about to get spatulated"
by Panzermensch March 09, 2005
-Something you do
-To spit up
-To spear
-To spill
Mrs.Espenshade, Billy just spatulated on the floor.

Haha, he just spatulated on your shoe!
by Robert V May 27, 2005
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