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3 definitions by mellowyello

v. going to do
Derived from the term "feeling to" and commenly used in the midwest.
I fenna do my homework... after I take a nap.
by mellowyello June 11, 2003
The disappearing salami is another term for banging your mom. This term is disguised as a "Magic Trick". This word is told to naive people or small children what you were doing in there mother's room.
Kid- What were you doing in my mom's room?

Strange Man- I was preforming a magic trick!

Kid- What's it called?

Strange Man- Shh its a secret...

Kid- Tell me!

Strange Man- The disappearing salami...

Mom- Arthur, come back to bed!
by MellowYello April 05, 2013
v. to bludgeon some with a spatula
If you keep bothering me while I'm cooking, I will spatulate you.
by mellowyello June 11, 2003