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1.) A dismissive for appearing out of touch, behind the times, or slow.
2.) To be stupid, retarded or mentally challenged.
Ali G: "I iz actually spasticated"
Mate: "What are you fucken spasticated or sunnin?"
by rainey06au August 02, 2005
If you say or do stupid being clumsy ect.
corr i'm propper spasticated 2 day lol
by Hayley Washbrook August 30, 2004
a person who has serious mental problems such as george bush and the american people who support him.
also common in animals
that is one spasticated turtle
by fo'shizzle ma nizzle March 15, 2003
Drunk beyond belief, so much so that you resemble a 'spastic'
I was spasticated on Friday after a cheeky Nandos and 12 shots of booka
by London-ledge March 25, 2016
people with a serious mental health problem. americans, pikeys, townies, vegetarians.
god that american townie is really really spazticated!!!
by louise April 12, 2004
1. All over the place
2. Not following 'conventional'/'normal' rules or practice
3. Defies 'normal' logic

Adjective for the noun, spastic. Not to be used in conjunction with the noun 'Spastic' which is a real medical/mental affliction.
Q. How was the traffic this morning? A. It was spasticated

My head is spasticated this morning

The organisation of that thing was spasticated

Your explanation is spasticated
by travelmate37 June 22, 2010
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