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A severe mental illness, often recurring and sometimes progressive, in which the behavior becomes withdrawn and out of character, the intellect and emotions deteriorate and hallucinations may occur.
"Yeah, my friend, Bob here is schizophrenic; watch what you do."
by DiiKaBaKa January 23, 2004
When you either can think of any more examples or the list is too long you say "etc." at the end of the sentence. Other wise meaning "so on and so forth..." It stands for 'Et Cetera'.
"The new car had power locks, power windows, heated seats, etc."
by DiiKaBaKa January 20, 2004
1. Relating to, of the same nature as, or characterized by involuntary muscular contractions, esp. the long-continued contractions known as tonic spasms.
2. A person afflicted by such spasms; a person suffering from cerebral palsy.
"Christine is very spastic."
by DiiKaBaKa January 23, 2004
When a gay, lesbian, homosexual etc. reveals to the public that they are what they are.
Guy: "I am gay and proud!"
by DiiKaBaKa January 20, 2004
A show on Nickelodeon that aired a few years ago that featured different skits such as: Loopy's World, Henry and June, etc.
Kid: "I just got done watching kablam!"
by DiiKaBaKa January 20, 2004
Dialatation of an artery caused by weakening of its wall through disease.
"If I do that again, I'll have an aneurysm."
by DiiKaBaKa January 25, 2004
A pufferfish, eaten as a delicacy in Japan after the removal of the skin and certain deadl poisonous organs. It usually takes a highly trained chef to master the removal of the skin.
"Ah, yes I'll have the fugu."
by DiiKaBaKa January 23, 2004
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