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Sparta's the shit. It's the shit cuz it's a small, quiet, lake community 50 minutes from NYC and one to three hours from the beach. It was established in 1845 and has a population of 19,000. There r 11 private lake communities in Sparta. The biggest - Lake Mohawk, is the shit and so is the board walk thats on it.

Sparta schools r some of the best in the state. Not only do the students do well academically, but athletically. And as u can read above, they party all the time (those hanging out in public places, such as CVS r fucking losers) which makes them that much cooler. The students go on to college and become as successful as their parents. Being successful is a good thing.

There are a lot of drugs and alcohol in Sparta High School but users get their shit done so who gives a fuck.

The social scene in Sparta is narrowed down to a few local bars, clubs and restaurants (Krogh's, Mohawk House, the Country Club, etc.). There is also a dirty bowling alley and an over-priced movie theatre.

People in Sparta r not assholes. They're very polite and respectful.Not sure why so many people dislike 'The Spartans'? They don't judge other towns, in fact they pay no attention to other towns at all.

It's kind of gay that there r so many negative posts about Sparta and the people who live there.
Man #1: What town is this? It is beautiful!
Man #2: This is Sparta my good man, welcome!
Man #1: Why thank you, Sir. By the way, thats a nice Benz and a pretty fucking hot wife u got there.
Man #2: Yeh, well hard work pays off. And what good is hard work if u can't get fucked up afterwards?
Man #1: Shit! U're real cool, man.
Man #2: I kno
by whocares81 December 17, 2010
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