(also "sparks") In the U.S. Navy Sparky was a nickname for enlisted men who's rating was Radioman. The name comes from the responsibilities of Radiomen to fix and work with Antennas, Radios, and other related equipment; It may also come from the Radioman (Now Information System Technician) Insignia or Rating Mark which is four Lightning Bolts or Sparks. After the Radioman rating was merged with Data Proccesing Technician to create Information Systems Technician the term Sparky was carried over to be used for sailors who were Information Systems Technician or IT's.

Note: Information System Technicians may also be referred to as "Spook" or "Ghost" since the Cryptologist merger, however Sparky and Sparks are much more common.
Seaman Schmukatelle : Hey Sparky, any word on which port we will hit next?

IT: Shipmate, that's G-14 classified!
by Sparky IT July 11, 2008
Top Definition
Electrical engineer.
I get electrocuted because that bloody sparky got the wires crossed.
by Smeg January 12, 2004
An electrician who works in his trade for a living. This includes Sparkies such as:

1. Systems Electricians
2. Industrial Electricians
3. Domestic\Residential Electricians
4. Commercial Electricians

And to a lesser degree:

1. Liners
2. Telecommunications\Cat5e\RJ45\Cable Splicers

Explicitly *not* an Electrcial Engineer or Draftsman for they do not use tools or come out to your house in the middle of the night to replace your broken shit)
The Sparky will be here tomorrow to fix that damned switchboard.

The Sparky ripped me off .... again!

I didn't allow enough in my original plans to pay the Sparky, so I'm not going to ... I'll see the bastard in court instead, I'm not giving him a dime! <maniacal laughter>
by Ivonin December 12, 2007
Independent, Hard-headed, smart, insane, rebellious, musician, "special", loving, funny, awesome, outgoing, hardcore,loud, coy, ... just Sparky.
There is no example, there is only one Sparky.

Ex: Chuck Norris, there's only one, duh.
by penguins0on0fire October 06, 2011
A term of endearment towards a guy.
Usually an extremely hot sexy mexy who makes a great boyfriend.
Known to go to church on sundays and have a good conscience, Sparky is a very good person.

The type of guy who you just look at and think "God, he's beautiful."
A deep and sensitive person. Makes for great conversation.


Also known to have very traditional taste in things---vanilla icecream and cake,

old fashioned, classy style of clothing, white girls, and old music and movies.
"I hear Sparky is dating someone!! I'm so depressed...."
"Me too! She's so lucky..."
by HotokoChan July 17, 2009
Another more polite nickname used in place of just calling him an asshole one that he may never catch onto
Yea whatever you say Sparky.
by shespeaks May 18, 2013
Mascot of Arizona State University.
Fork 'em Sparky!

Sparky is a Sun Devil.
by Devil Fan April 26, 2009
Sparky is the name you give your vibrator when you've lost the screw on top that holds the batteries in. To make it work you might have to use such things as a piece if aluminum foil, a coke can top or a paperclip to make the connection. Caution, it will shock you when you get it wet! Some may enjoy this.
Jonny: "sorry, me and my penis can't make it over tonight so you might have to use ol' Sparky to finish the job"

Chrissy: "I understand. Times be rough"
by Sunnshine123 January 18, 2014

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