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American television series that airs on FOX on tuesdays. It stars Golden Globe winner British actor Hugh Laurie as the bitingly brilliant Dr.Gregory House, head of the department of Diagnostics medicine at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital
Under him work 3 young and smart doctors played by Jennifer Morrison (Dr.Allison Cameron), Jesse Spencer (Dr.Robert Chase) and Omar Epps (Dr.Eric Foreman).
Their job is to diagnose and cure estrange illments no other doctor managed to cure.
commonly reffered to as "House"
House, md. just won a peaby award

I am a house fan

i've seen every House,MD episode
by okelay April 13, 2006
Title of the season two finale of the new series of doctor who

features the exit of billie piper as rose tyler.

the saddest episode in the history of tv according to fans, it's mentions sends them into tears.
"i wrote a reunion fic for doomsday"
"when you watch doomsday,make sure you have tissues handy"
"i have seen doomsday 30 times"
"im watching doomsday fanvids"
by okelay August 31, 2006
Fans of the movie Stargate and/or the tv show Stargate SG-1 and usually also of it's spin-off, Stargate Atlantis
also knowns as gaters.
my best friends is a stargater

Gaters's headquartes is gateworld

Stargaters are very smart to understand all 9 seasons of the show
by okelay April 13, 2006
feeling down after your favorite tv show has ended its run or a season.
it can be used as post-(show name) depression
I marathoned Skins last weekend and now I've got Post-skins depression.

I just saw the Tenth Doctor's final episode, now I've got Post-Ten depression

Last weeks all the shows I was watching ended so now I've got post-finale depression
by okelay October 26, 2010
A characteristic of blogging site like Livejournal
it allows you to write entries that can only be read by the people on your friends list. commonly known as FO
"my journal is friends only"
"i made a friends only entry"
by okelay April 13, 2006
a euphemism for spreading something impossible, like a really bad rumour.

from a bad house fic that had all the ducklings twitching and catching brain cancer
#1: ZOMG house totally dies in the next episode
#2: Cancer germs, d00d
by okelay May 26, 2006
nickname for the pairing(ship) John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir in Stargate Atlantis.
suppously named after the sparks between them
'i wrote a sparky fic'
'i made a sparky icon'
'this episode was full of sparky moments'
by okelay January 01, 2006
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