A noun that is used to illustrate the desirability of a woman's vagina. If she is said to be "adorned with sparklers", then you know that she's amazing in bed.
"Bitch, I ain't playin'. My pussy be spinnin' rims and adorned with sparklers!"
by i<3bcbud April 19, 2008
Top Definition
Yo da blunt is out... give me da sparkler.
by åstroboy_lambda January 10, 2009
Homosexual vampire, produces odd light when in contact with the sun.
Have you seen "Twilight". Yeah that Edward is a complete sparkler.
by Dr. Skinner April 19, 2010
A sparknotes user, who is ussually funny, smart, and hates twilight in everyway.
they BAM! posts, repeat Auntie Sparknotes's advice, and worship the words of widsom of Dan Bregstein.
Most like Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, and GOOD LITERATURE, and also think that nerds rule the world.

"I also wasn't allowed to read Harry Potter until about 5th grade, though for a different reason. My parents had already read the first few books and they were afraid that if I did, then I would start trying to run through walls...or something like that."
- Halloween Friday awards, comment by SamRaven2

"When I saw the confirmation that the googly-eyed maniacs were present in this post, my jaw dropped and then I bounced up and down in my chair...

...and then realized that this might be a slightly unhealthy obsession."
- kat's Illustrated Guide to Kissing, comment by nightshade5509

going in for a pull at 500 mph, i bet that's how harry potter got his scar, the whole "killing curse" nonsense was just a cover-up story

-Kat's Illustrated Guide to kissing, comment by Libbylove22

We Rule. We are nerds. We are awesome in everyway. JUST GO WITH IT!
Sparkler one:"Is that a Friward? For me?! Really?!" *stares at school computer*
Sparkler two: "You're a sparkler too!?!?!?! Have you read the latest Think Tank? I'm in Phi Beta Dagger now!"
Sparkler one: "Congrats! may the jetpacking werewolves find you one day!" *tackle hugs sparkler two*
by Chabelinni December 20, 2010
A guy who is very flambouyant.
"Damn, your such a sparkler!"
by thats what your face said! January 21, 2010
While performing the Bottle Rocket during sexual intercourse, do not release the girl's hair. This will cause her to, upon launch, spin out to which ever side you pull her. While at the height of the launch let go of her hair and watch her spin through the air. Best if performed on petite chicks as to get the most distance, height, and amusement from the launch.

See Bottle Rocket
A "I did a bottle rocket the other night"
B "Me too, but I held onto her hair"
A "Sweet, Sparkler!"
by Jekyl January 02, 2010
A boy under the age of ten who is bi curious and then finalizes his belief into being gay over the age of 10. Hence he is a sparkler then turns into a flamer.
"Timmy said he thought about kissing tommy, what a sparkler."
by Jawen July 08, 2014
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