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A group or collection of drag queens/transexuals
The sparkle of queens is doing the most.
by Anilak December 12, 2011
6 13
someone who is really sweet and nice. A very pretty girl who gets alog with most people.
WOW sparkle is so nice.
by llllloveeeee July 09, 2010
11 18
1. to appeal to others
2. what people like me want to name their kid
"Hey, that dude sparkles."
"Sparkle, pick this crap up."
by Catherine C. May 21, 2006
75 83
Middle school version of tag, between classes.

Sparkle someone, they're it, there is a 30 second cool-down where they can't sparkle anyone else. Everyone tries to stay away from the Sparkled, but it's hard to in packed hallways.

Helps to makes school less boring.

Created by a group of middle school kids in Fort Collins, CO.
Person 1: You're sparkled
Person 2: Dammit
by Dr. Fairaday February 02, 2010
0 9
Who has bigger sparkles?

Woah, Jim Bob has big man sparkles!
by amadrashaadmohammed October 07, 2009
12 21
To sparkle is to have a heinous bout of diarrhea, due either to natural causes or laxative abuse.
Jeez, Kelly! After my XXL Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee, I really need to sparkle!
by ZeMagicBullet May 24, 2010
16 26
A class within the school system defined by their "barbie and ken like features" who are considered by many as popular but in reality many people resent them simply for the fact that they exist. The tell tale signs off a sparkle is not having any reason and being unable to comprehend the most basic of concepts. They believe they are desired by many, and while some do desire them no one actually wishes to spend time with them due to the negative effects they have on people surrounding them. Their "shimmering qualities" are only outmatched by their ignorance
That sparkle why dont they just quiet instead of making a fool of themselves, oh wait they dont realize they are
by Mylakes April 23, 2007
7 18