Shiny meth.
"Homie, you need some sparkle?"

"Nah, I'm on so much ice right now I feel like I'm gon explode"
by Biggest Boss November 16, 2008
v. To perform fellatio on men.
"Jenna Jameson sure can sparkle."
"Edward, you sparkle."
by Pythagorus July 01, 2012
v. To act like an emo or an angst, to believe to be unloved and not cared for. Derived from the movie Twilight were the gay emo vampires sparkle in the sunlight.
Me: Stop sparkling or cut yourself in a corner, eitherway, I don't care, as long as you don't sparkle
by Spingy SPINGY! February 18, 2010
A group or collection of drag queens/transexuals
The sparkle of queens is doing the most.
by Anilak December 12, 2011
someone who is really sweet and nice. A very pretty girl who gets alog with most people.
WOW sparkle is so nice.
by llllloveeeee July 09, 2010
1. to appeal to others
2. what people like me want to name their kid
"Hey, that dude sparkles."
"Sparkle, pick this crap up."
by Catherine C. May 21, 2006
Who has bigger sparkles?

Woah, Jim Bob has big man sparkles!
by amadrashaadmohammed October 07, 2009

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