the name of a very sweet and beautiful girl. She may start off quiet and need an "observing" period before her true personality comes out. A great pertner in relationships, very loving and loyal, great kisser, and she will always be there for you. She's an amazing friend who always offers great advice. She just might need to follow her own sometimes. Shes very funny and goofy, always geeting into trouble.

EP/SW 11.06.09
"Sparkles so sweet!"

"wow what did sparkle do now?"
by agjhaugen November 20, 2012
Something fairies throw at you so you get blinded and your suddenly pushed over and tied down to a tree and raped by all the animals in the forest.
man watch out I hear there are lots of sparkles cases that go on here
by Holli0102 September 24, 2014
A substance that shines in any light and are in many different colors
The shirt has so much sparkles its blinding me, AHHHHHH.
Sparkles can also be queek queek(Gay)
by oyeee March 16, 2011
Adjetive: The qualities of a person that are not their own which they attained through wealth or from a personal status. (Ie. clothing, jewlry, vehicles, makeovers, amenities, inheritance, family reputation and wealth).
Verb: Sparlin'; the effect of showing off 'sparkle' qualities to others.

Opposite of: Shine; shinin'
Wow that Paris Hilton sure is glamorous...

Yeah but you know it's all just sparkle and not shine right?
by Muttemor September 30, 2014
A term used to describe smoking marijuana from a cigar (blunt), stealthily. Originated from kids in southern NY, it's spelled "sparkLe" and combines the term "spark" (to light), and "L" (a blunt).
Guy 1: Ay boii, lets dip to the old barn in the backroads and sparkLe.

Guy 2: Bet we out.
by xXsubL1m3Xx April 11, 2012
N: a cigar, most commonly a swisher sweet
V: smoking a cigar
Lisa: I need a sparkle really bad right now.
Chad: Me too, I haven't sparkled in awhile and I'm feelin' it.
by Soonerface August 30, 2010
(sarcasm) Adjective used to describe someone with a dry, quiet demeanor, made more humorous when coupled with a name such as Mark.
Smile Markles Sparkles!
by Ingaling February 28, 2010

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