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Australian slang for an electrician.
Me bro is a certified sparkie. good on him.
by herbie August 31, 2004
Australian slang for a person who's in the electrical trade. Believes most problems can be solved with electrical tape.
Bruce "Shit, theres 2 metres of exposed wire there"
Bruce 2 "she'll be right cobber we'll just go over it with a bit of tape"
by Bogan man May 04, 2005
Sparkie, is a DJ, presenter and perveyor of all things deep and spiritual. So called because SPARKIE is also a name of people called Mark..... i.e Mark "Sparkie" Tarling. Some say the most famous DJ you have never heard of, and 3rd on Google if you input Sparkie.
Sparkie Rocked the dancefloor at the China White after party for this years Cartier Polo 2008
by mark tarling September 01, 2008
Ill as fuck guy with mad crazy skills with the ladies. A true ladies man. He is skinny as a post, but has an arsinal of automatics down to twenty twos. fucker
"That Sparkie, he is such a dream boat"
by Sparkie January 20, 2004
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