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An electrician who works in his trade for a living. This includes Sparkies such as:

1. Systems Electricians
2. Industrial Electricians
3. Domestic\Residential Electricians
4. Commercial Electricians

And to a lesser degree:

1. Liners
2. Telecommunications\Cat5e\RJ45\Cable Splicers

Explicitly *not* an Electrcial Engineer or Draftsman for they do not use tools or come out to your house in the middle of the night to replace your broken shit)
The Sparky will be here tomorrow to fix that damned switchboard.

The Sparky ripped me off .... again!

I didn't allow enough in my original plans to pay the Sparky, so I'm not going to ... I'll see the bastard in court instead, I'm not giving him a dime! <maniacal laughter>
by Ivonin December 12, 2007
Wolfbagging is the act of venturing into a forest (or other wolf stamping grounds) with a sack in an effort to steal one.

After said act of stealing a wolf has been excecuted, a tranquiliser dart is inserted into the wolf and is subsequently raped.
Wolfbagging gets my testicles wet.
by Ivonin September 28, 2005
Australian Definition:

1. Geek
2. Nerd
3. Someone who focuses intensely on a hobby. (i.e. Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, Guitar, pretty much anything that the accuser finds stupid or not worthy of time)
Man, Anthony is such a jed, all he does is play with his barbie doll collection.

Thomas scored 98% on his exam, what a fucking jed, man.
by Ivonin December 12, 2007
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