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Someone who is a completely worthless putz.
Did you hear that Jeff spent another entire day playing video games? He is such a spangler.
by Johnny Pizzle February 12, 2008
87 46
Someone who is overall enjoyable to be around.
I love hanging out with Ken, he is such a spangler!
by LongJonTimbers March 26, 2012
12 4
the guy always has that certain girl on a leash.
the guy who continuously pimps the same girl.
"I wish I could spangler that ass"
"That dude has that chick spanglered"
by GoGetta4544 March 23, 2010
9 7
The act of moving one's penis up and down during ejaculation causing a wavelike stream like Egon Spangler's gun in the movie Ghostbusters.
Christie was upset when I gave her a spangler because it made a mess on her hair and stained her new blouse.
by well hello there February 13, 2008
24 39
spangler..commonly referred to as a spider on hanger.can be found in any domestic situation.
He ran into the room to brandish a spangler in my face
by martina mc namara October 03, 2006
6 57