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(N) A SPAM message that has been posted in a realtime chatroom by someone (usually a guest to that chatroom) that advertises another chatroom.
1. "I heard that wolfgurl325 got banned from #NarutoWorldRP for posting a spamvertisement."
by meowfox of doom January 13, 2007
Spam emails, privet messages, notes, comments that people recive on/in their accounts.
"I got one today. Some kind of spamvertisement asking me to go some site"
by xX Princess Heartbreak Xx May 30, 2009
A spam-style advertisement sent via E-mail. Invented by Bubs of Homestarrunner.com.
"If I'm strapped for cash, I'll sell the E-mail addresses on to Bubs for use in his weekly spamvertisements."
by Me. Who else?! September 12, 2003