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When in trouble, yell spamoni.
spamoni: the word you yell when in trouble. when being mauled by a bear in a wrestling cage, yell this for help, and stay calm.
by llamafattytwinkieboy July 28, 2008
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Vernacular commonly used to replace the popular phrase, "Thats what she said." When referring to a sexual insinuation.
" And now up pops the tool bar." "Spamoni!"

"It really hurt when I got out of the shower" "Spamoni"
"Hey, Scott why are you sitting on that wood?" "Spamoni"
by silence do good already May 26, 2009
A desert commonly served to wealthy children and adults at Italian resturants; a rich blend of different, flavorful ice creams
My best friend went to Sal and Judy's Italian resturant and said that the best thing they had was the desert, spamoni.
by Queen Bea October 17, 2009
mike johnson's code word for hooking up
Mike texted her "spamoni" and she went over to his room.
by meow123xoxo January 28, 2014

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