A spaggle is a linguistic mix between a spag and a fraggle. A gently stupid person, who maybe acts in a spaggy way (as in the colloquial yet generally unoffensive reference to spastic).

Also see - embarrassing yourself in front of attractive people.
So I saw this boy I like and turned into a right spaggle; I was stuttering and blushing
by Ru Sedar May 25, 2005
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Noun and Verb. To haggle until you spaff into the face of your hagglee.

In textbook cases follows the sequence: spaff, baff, haggle, spaggle
I've baffed and haggled but never spaggled. I don't think that would make me spaff
by spaggler April 30, 2004
Short way to remember the 7 deadly sins. Keeps you centered on what is important in life.

Dude, I want that milf bad bad, damn!

by Bukeye October 29, 2010

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