Acronym: Spunk Playfully Across Face
Example 1: Hey, no teething! Ok get ready i'm about to spaf!

Example 2: Go on! Spaf on me you rogue!
by jamrag3957 November 07, 2010
Top Definition
Spaf: name of one of the early Internet "net.god"'s . Like Cher and Madonna, Spaf is publically known by his singular name "Spaf". In terms of High Tech security, He is a peer of Bruce Schneier.
Spaf was one of the people responsible for how people began using the internet to share information in its earliest days, before browsers and other more convienent tools. He also provided the first analysis of the first large scale Internet Virus attack, known as the "Morris worm".

Member of the President's Information Technology Advisory Committee 2003-2005, has been an advisor to the National Science Foundation (NSF), and serves as an advisor to over a dozen other government agencies and major corporations.

He is the Executive Director of the Purdue University Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS). .

He is a full professor at Purdue University, with multiple PhD's.

On under the title "Spaf"
"If not the very the leading expert on cyber security in the world today, Spaf must be considered at least on of the top five leading experts in that field. The only other individual with the same level of expertise is Bruce Schneier."
by geohump December 31, 2009
To ejaculate violently; specifically, with wanton and reckless disregard for direction or focus.
Spaf in my face you alsatian-loving scrag wrench.
by Binman_UK December 27, 2006
To secretly have a deep burning lust for another in your loins. Uncontrollable and usually used only by people 30% coco
Will Descrudités seriously spaf'd all over Peter Seymour
by WillWantsToBe30%Coco April 20, 2013
The sound it makes when a penis slaps against face.
Will was totaly being gay so he got spaf'd
by Yourleftnut March 21, 2003
An exciting programme of development for leaders of services working in local authority archives.
Fuck me your motherfucker, I bloody motherfucking loved that fuckass SPAF workshop bitch.
by JBo10 November 05, 2010
SPAF is a meaningless word. It's flexible, versatile and utterley meaningless; it can apply in any situation. If in doubt, say 'SPAF', and the situation somehow becomes bleakly funnier. details the invention and rise of SPAF, as a meaningless diversion invented to pass the time by so-called 'gifted' teenagers.

Sadly, with the invention of lol, SPAF is now mostly obselete.
Person 1: *high-speed flow of technobabble, including several jargon words you will never have heard before*
Person 2: (when expected to comment) Uh... SPAF?

Person 2: (when bored and in public) *shouts at random strangers* SPAF!
by malikirem September 04, 2007
Another word for seamen
Can I 'spaf' on your norks?
by Protozoa February 14, 2003

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